So a few weeks ago privateai put up a post on tumblr with a bunch of her art, and I commented and told her I had been using one of the pictures as my desktop background on my laptop for years. She replied and told me that if I gave her my address she would send me a poster of it. And look! She did! It was so exciting :D AND she sent me these three little portrait pictures as well. I put them all up above my computer.

The characters in the art are from her webcomic Toast!. It’s not being updated anymore, but if that doesn’t bother you I recommend checking it out because it’s funny and the art is very nice, especially in later pages.

Seeing her posts about Guild Wars 2 was also what convinced me to buy the game, so for someone I mostly just silently watch on tumblr she has had a surprising degree of impact on my life. For that, and for the awesome art, I am grateful.